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Parent Information
Staff Development

Developing authentic partnerships with parents for the period of a child's attendance at school is essential if they are to reach their potential.  Aimed at assisting parents to understand 21st Century learning this workshop will provide an opportunity for parents to see how their involvement in school life can positively impact their child's learning.  Parents will be given an insight into 21st Century learning, the possibilities that come with it and what has changed since they left Primary School.

Spire Educational Consulting can assist schools in ensuring that parents are aware of the importance of their role within the school and how to forge a partnership to the benefit of the children.

Audience is everything.  Engaging students with purposeful and authentic tasks without adding to the workload of the teacher is the aim of this workshop.  What is current research telling us about learning, how can students support each others' learning and how can we make the students the busiest people in the classroom?

Spire Educational Consulting can assist with staff professional development that removes the teacher as the primary audience of student work and makes students more accountable for their own performance.

Student Leadership

A student leadership program aimed at enhancing the students' capacity to authentically manage leadership opportunities within the school.  Students will be supported in developing their knowledge and understanding of Jesus as a leader and the implications it has for their own leadership.  Finally they will be given the opportunity to develop skills in planning, delivering and evaluating a leadership program.

Spire Educational Consulting can assist with a leadership program that highlights the Catholic Identity of schools and develops the students' understanding of this.