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Sir John Jones. Sir John Jones - BRAES conference.  A very interesting and thought provoking video about the future of education.  18 mins


Sir John Jones. Sir John Jones speaking at Creating Possibilities in the School Led System.

This piece extends on the themes of the above and indeed repeats some.  Still well worth a look. 28 mins


16 Modern Realities Schools (and Parents) Need to Accept. Now.  Short article on how modern life imapcts education.


Harvard Graduate School of Education. The Brain-Changing Power of Conversation 

Interplay between parents and children ignites the brain and boosts its response to language, spurring lasting literacy skills


Harvard Graduate School of Education. The Lasting Payoff of Early Ed.  Benefits of early education found to persist for years, bolstering graduation, reducing retention, and reducing special education placements


Corwin Connect.  When Students Own the Assessment.  Who owns assessment? Is it the teacher, school, district, or the test industry?